Bitchin’ Sauce flocks to The Fresh Market!

Jul 3, 2023

At Bitchin’ Sauce, we like things fresh. 

Dips? Fresh. Obviously.

Beats? Fresh. Keep that playlist funky.

Fashion? Rainbow sandals and short shorts are fresh year-round, so yes. 

In the spirit of keeping our pedigree 100%, undeniably fresh & delicious, we’re thrilled to announce that FOUR Bitchin’ flavors have touched down in “The Fresh Market” stores! These esteemed purveyors of quality fresh foods and top-notch gourmet grocery goods are a beyond-Bitchin’ fit for our tasty dips. 

Picking up a ready-made Chicken Piccata for two? Spruce it up with some saucy goodness! Need a new chip to go with your dip? Snag a pack of their house-made vegetable chips. Crunchy okra crisps dipped in Bitchin’ Sauce is a bonafide sensation.

You can now find Original, Chipotle, Cilantro Chili, and Spinach Artichoke Bitchin' Sauce in over 150 stores bearing “The Fresh Market” name, spread across 22 states including (deep breath): Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia!

Check to see where The Fresh Market has a store closest to you via our handy-dandy store locator below!