Bitchin’ Sauce Rides in to Stop & Shop!

Jun 2, 2023


Ever since Stop & Shop stores started carrying Bitchin' Sauce, we simply cannot stop Stopping and/or Shopping. It's a Bitchin' Addiction- all day, we are either Stopping, or Shopping, only ever pausing to resume our usual routines of Dipping, Spreading and Saucing. 

Strolling in the park? Stop and Shop. Grabbing a brewski with a friend? We Stop, and we Shop. This is our life now.

With four Bitchin' Sauce flavors on shelves NOW at every Stop & Shop, there are simply too many saucy possibilities. Lemony & garlicky Original? Bold & smoky Chipotle? Sweetly tangy Caramelized Onion? Tongue-kickin’, finger-lickin’ Buffalo??

If you’re ready to never Stop never-Stopping (and Shopping), check out our Saucy Store locator to find a Stop & Shop store near you (or a Bitchin’ friend) in New England, New York and New Jersey!