Bitchin’ Sauce - The Almond Dip!

Aug 23, 2021

Bitchin’ Sauce is made out of raw California almonds and is Gluten-Free, Vegan, Keto-friendly, Kosher, and Project Non-GMO Certified. Try out their creamy dips on your favorite savory foods — from totally Bitchin‘ tortilla chips to fish tacos! You can find us in the hummus section and on your favorite grocery delivery service. 




About Us

Bitchin' Sauce was founded by husband and wife duo Starr & L.A. Edwards. Joined by her husband, L.A., the two would go on to pioneer an entirely new category of nut-based dips. They started small, initially only selling their almond-based dips in the farmers' markets in and around San Diego.

And the crowd loved it! The sauce grew a cult following across the county. The people were going nuts for Bitchin' Sauce! All the while, L.A. was working double time, forming a band with his brothers and playing rock clubs and festivals across the US. The duo began touring the country with their growing family in tow, selling their sauce during the day and rockin 'n rollin' at night.

Ten years later, Bitchin' Sauce continues to grow, with a mission of making the world a more Bitchin' place, one tub at a time. Starr, L.A., and their four children still lead a very nomadic life, bringing their sauce and music with them wherever they go, from music festivals to local markets.


How Do You Use Bitchin' Sauce?

Dip. Spread. Smother. Bitchin’ Sauce has a hummus-like consistency, so most folks use pita and tortilla chips as their go-to dipping vessel. However, we‘re much more than a dip! Bitchin’ Sauce is a great spread for sandwiches, marinade for meats and tofu, or dressings for the Sauciest of salads. Check out our blog for more Bitchin’ Inspiration!