Dads, Grads, & Grillouts

Jun 10, 2022

Like a *responsibly firm* handshake between generations, one thing is sure to be this Summer’s unifier among the dads & the grads, the pappys and the phds, the ol’ fogies and the young guns…

…rapid-onset beer bellies, if we’re being real about it. But after that, a Super Bitchin’ Summer Cookout!

 For your Grilling Season enjoyment, we're serving up three Extra-Smokin’ Summertime BBQ Recipes from the Bitchin' HQ Cookbook:


Bitchin’ Dogs! 

It’s a Sauce-age Party In the USA! We put the Bitchin’ spin on 3 classic American Hot Dog Styles. You ain’t lived until you’ve tried the “Hotlanta Heater”! 


Carne Asada Fries!

A tribute to the Taco Shop cuisines and Carne Cookouts of our San Diego roots, these Bitchin’ Carne Asada Fries are sure to get eaten in a flash. Make plenty! 


Bitchin’ Chickin’ Wings! 

Wings love sauce, & Bitchin’ Sauce loves wings. Savory dry-rubbed chicken meets our fresh & zesty Chili Cilantro Sauce. Nuff Said! 

Whether you’re a padre or a post-bacc, we're giving you the biggest & most Bitchin' Saucy Salute we can muster. 

To meet all your snack time needs, check out the Saucy Store Locator below to see where you can get your hands on our full Bitchin' lineup!