Sep 13, 2021


Bitchin’ Sammies & Saucy Hams! Whip up DELI-ghtful meats & treats with Bitchin’ Sauce + Dietz & Watson Originals


Bitchin’ Sauce is well known as an all-time Hoagie Hero- and that’s why we’ve tapped the Deli Wizards at Dietz & Watson for a seriously scrumptious sandwich masterclass! Just like our Sauce, we dig that D&W’s Originals line of meats and cheeses keeps it  *real*- no antibiotics, nitrates/nitrites, and plentiful organic options. 

Check out our favorite concoctions below- all certified EZ to whip up at home! 

Sandwich #1: The Saucy Ham & Cucumber

This one’s for all you Sauced Hams out there on late-night fridge benders. Take Originals Pre-Sliced Black Forest Ham topped with Originals Picante Provolone Cheese. Add a generous schmear of Original Bitchin’ Sauce and top with cucumber, hummus, and alfalfa sprouts. Finish off with a Saucy Chef’s Kiss. 


Sandwich #2: The Bitchin’ Banh Mi 

A tasty twist on the classic Banh Mi!  Our Cilantro Chili complements the flavors of D&W’s  Oven Roasted Chicken Breast, married with a medley of red onion, pickled carrot, lettuce, and jalapeno. This one’s got flavor out the wazoo! 


Sandwich #3: Cheesy Chipotle BTA

Check out this open faced Bitchin’ beaut! Top some D&W Originals Oven Roasted Breast with melty Originals Gruyere Cheese, and Originals Hickory Smoked Bacon. Smother all that with Chipotle Bitchin’ Sauce and Avocado and enjoy!

We hope you give these Bitchin'-wiches a try, and scoop up some D&W Originals during your next Saucy Sojourn to the deli aisle! If you wanna flatter us, tag your creations on social @bitchinsauce and  @dietzandwatson. Check out more deets on Dietz & Watson Originals here!