Founder Starr Edwards wins “CEO of the Year” Award from the San Diego Business Journal!

Aug 11, 2023

Fearless leader, Bitchin’ originator, and Saucy Super-Starr: Our Bitchin’ Sauce CEO has always been a true Bitchin’ hero, but now we have the engraved gold lettering to prove it! 

Congratulations to Starr Edwards, winner of the 2023 Midsize CEO of the Year Award via the San Diego Business Journal! 

This was no small feat, with the prestigious award being considered for many entrants across diverse industries. Speaking from the podium at the SDBJ Award Ceremony before fellow entrants and press, Starr herself remarked how incredible it was for the award to go to a humble almond-dip company that sprouted from a lone market stand. 

“I pinch myself every day that we’re still in business and that people still like what we’re making,” Starr professed on stage.  “We appreciate the community here in San Diego that’s helped us to grow.” 

The SDBJ has recognized Starr for various reasons- but chiefly for the role she has played in shaping and solidifying our Bitchin’ culture during a period of rapid skyrocket growth. Starr has ensured we never lose sight of the Bitchin’ vision when things get busy. 

Thanks to Starr, Bitchin’ Sauce has a robust, free on-site childcare program (“Bitchin’ Kids”!) available to all employees, weekly paid Volunteering hours, exceptional vacation time, and other Bitchin’ perks that make Bitchin’ Sauce a place that truly rewards the hard work & dedication shown by saucy employees day in and day out. 

All the while, the Bitchin’ team is revved & running full steam ahead. 2023 has seen a constant rollout of new Bitchin’ flavors (shout out to pow-wow Panang and roasty-toasty Hatch!), new store locations to reach new saucy fans, and much, much more in the pipeline that we can’t wait to share. 

Here at Bitchin’ HQ, we’re sending an honest heartfelt THANK YOU to the SDBJ for the Bitchin’ recognition- and a big saucy salute to all-time top-dog Saucy Starr! 

Photo credit: Bob Hoffman Photography