How Panang Bitchin’ Sauce Celebrates Small-Batch Curry and a 10-Year Saucy Friendship

Jun 8, 2023

Welcome to the Bitchin’ Panang gang, baby! 

Bold, red California chiles are what set the scene for our new, rich and complex Thai-inspired curry. Panang has a proper punch, making it a fine complement to fresh veggies, drizzled over meats & alternatives, or anything in need of a Bitchin’ boost. 

Rest assured, Panang Bitchin’ Sauce is the real Bitchin’ deal. In pursuit of our never-ending quest for total Bitchin’ excellence, this fresh-ingredient recipe takes its cues from one of the cardinal connoisseurs in the curry cosmos. 

We’ve joined forces with longtime friend and master of curry-craft Momoko Jackson to prepare the special, small batch curry paste that provides our almond-based recipe a true Panang "pow". Momoko, known to local San Diegans as the owner of World Curry restaurant in Pacific Beach, is drawing from 25 years of experience serving a global assortment of region-specific curries. 

For Panang Bitchin’ Sauce, she’s artfully blending hand-roasted vegetables, fresh chiles and spices herself, right out of her beachtown kitchen. Yes, it smells incredible. 

Winding back ten years ago;  Momoko (AKA “Momo”) was packaging her own line of craft curries, when she first crossed paths with a young and enterprising husband and wife duo making a strange, savory, almond (!) based sauce for local Farmers Markets. Sharing similar production needs, Bitchin’ Sauce co-founders Starr and Luke Edwards found a fast friend & ally in Momo Jackson. 

"Bitchin' Sauce was born in the hyper-local San Diego food scene, and Momo was right there with us packing tubs & making labels over a decade ago,” says Starr, recanting the history. During those crucial early years, the crew was filling tubs of Bitchin' Sauce and 'Oh MoMo' curry hand in hand, serving the hungry people of San Diego, and cultivating a lasting Bitchin’ network of friendly foodies and culinary craftsmen. It remains a fondly remembered period of Saucy History- filled with laughs, a good amount of Bitchin’ elbow grease, and many pints of oh-so tasty San Diego beer. 

Early batches of Panang Bitchin’ Sauce featuring Momo's curry made seasonal showings in the Farmer’s Market scene. The flavor has been something of a company legend ever since- spoken of in hushed, longing tones. At last, in 2023, the time was right to rekindle the Panang partnership. 

“Her curry expertise is invaluable,” continues Starr, “and it was truly a no-brainer bringing her skill and savvy to this new Bitchin' flavor." 

It’s been a Bitchin’ journey to store shelves- like the rest of our flavors, it’s the product of years of care and Tender-Bitchin’-Lovin’! With Panang hitting Sprouts shelves now across nearly 400 stores, we’re stoked to be giving the masses a chance to try this small-batch Bitchin’ness! 

Ready to take the Panang excursion? Check below to see where you can snag a sauce nearby: