Spreading the Bitchin’ Love with San Diego Outrigging Canoe Club!

Jul 1, 2022

When one of your most Bitchin’ teammates reveals a secret watersport passion, there’s only one response: all hands to the Bitchin’ deck! Early this spring, our Saucy Safety Manager James Novella approached the Bitchin’ Marketing team with a grand proposal. The conversation went thusly:

“My Bitchin’ dudes, I’m canoeing with my best boat-bros from May to June and there’s gonna be a whole boatload of people there to celebrate. Total banger event. You in?”

*marketing team looks around, nods*

“Yeah, sounds Bitchin’!”


“Yes way! Bitchin’ & Tight!”

“Bitchin’ & Saucy & Tight!”

“Supa Tight, Supa Saucy, Supa Bitchin!”

This Bitchin’ back-and-forth went on a deal longer than can be described here, but *eventually* a plan was settled. The totally righteous San Diego Outrigger Canoe Club, a member of the wider Southern California Outrigger Racing Association (SCORA), was hosting a very special race-o-palooza, attended by scores of locals across Southern California. Bitchin’ Sauce would be there in force with a fully decked out & Bitchin'ified canoe of our own!

Ladies & Gentlemen, behold: the “SS Sauce”! 

At all six races in the SDOCC season, the sauce made...waves! And yes... we brought the Sauce with us, too! We were happy to provide some shoreside snacks & spread the Bitchin' love with hundreds of folks out in Mission Bay, Santa Barbara, Marina Del Rey, Ventura, and Long Beach. We met a whole Bitchin’ bunch of cool peeps doing it! We're so incredibly stoked to have been included in such a welcoming community this rowing season. To all the saucy souls we met on this journey, we hope you have a very Bitchin' day and remember to paddle hard!